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Hosty pressure washers – Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!

Hosty pressure washers – Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!

A Hotsy pressure washer is ideal for any tough cleaning application. With over 100 models, there is a Hotsy suitable for just about any job. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning indoors or out, or want to install a complete pressure washer system, Mattson Distributing Company of Boise can advise the best model for your situation.

Hotsy pressure washers are the best choice when it comes to high pressure cleaning equipment. If you want a time saving solution for cleaning, consider a Hotsy. Engineered to withstand the harsh demands of industrial cleaning, Hotsy pressure washers are also safe to use. The rugged Hotsy high-pressure pump is the toughest working pump in the industry, featuring a 7-yr. warranty The chassis are welded on Hotsy pressure washers, instead of those held together by nuts and bolts. This ensures they hold up better to vibration, lengthening the life of the washer.

Hotsy pressure washers are available in either hot water or cold water models. Want to learn which one is right for you? Visit the links below to learn more.

We’d love to show you just how powerful and strong a Hotsy pressure washer is. We’ll come to your facility and demonstrate the cleaning power on your premises, cleaning what you would normally be cleaning. Contact us today at info@HotsyIdaho.com or call us at 800-574-7741.

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