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Maintenance professionals are choosing Hotsy pressure washers and parts washers for cleaning outside as well as under the hood.

The primary focus for fleet owners is to keep trucks on the road so loads and deliveries arrive on time. To accomplish this requires constant upkeep and regular maintenance. Mattson Distributing assists the transportation industry by providing industrial-grade Hotsy parts washers and pressure washers for cleaning their delivery trucks, railcars, buses and more.

Pressure Washers for the Transportation Industry from Mattson Distributing Co. Pressure washers are used to keep the exterior of transportation vehicles clean and free of grime, not only by providing a polished look but also by speeding up the cleaning process. Parts washers give service technicians more time for repair by enabling them to clean engine parts automatically. There’s no need for hand scrubbing; they simply place engine parts and other components inside the parts washer, turn it on and walk away. This allows them to manage their time more effectively.

Consider a wash bay system to clean your fleet
Portable Hotsy pressure washers provide a solution for cleaning larger vehicles, due to their maneuverability. However, the best alternative may be a wash bay system, which includes a stationary pressure washer located near a washing area. You’re able to have multiple users washing vehicles simultaneously, all drawing from the same pressure washer.

Hotsy has a line of specialized cleaning detergents, designed exclusively for use in the transportation industry. Designed to cut through road film and exhaust trails, Hotsy detergents are available in a number of sizes and formulas.

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