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Hotsy pressure washers keep industrial equipment clean

Industrial businesses need to keep equipment working properly, and can’t afford costly breakdowns. That’s why many companies use a Hotsy industrial-grade pressure washer to clean their equipment. Dust, grime and debris can quickly clog sensitive processing equipment, causing delays and down time for repairs. By installing a Hotsy electric pressure washer as part of the production workflow, you have an affordable tool in the fight for cleanliness.

Cleaning Solutions for the Manufacturing industry from Mattson Distributing Co. Cleaning and maintenance of expensive machinery whether - it’s inside or outside - is much easier when you have the right equipment. By selecting a Hotsy pressure washer, you’ll have the best work horse in the industry. Hotsy pressure washers are built tough and are designed to handle extensive use, as would be the case in an industrial setting.

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We at Mattson Distributing would be happy to recommend a Hotsy pressure washer for use in your manufacturing process. Please contact us to learn more about prices and specifications. With over 100 models of pressure washers available, we’ll find a model that best meets your needs.

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