July 4, 2022

About and Contact Us

Mattson Distributing Company has our main distribution, sales and service center in Boise, Idaho. Since 1957 Mattson has distributed cleaning, heating and technical equipment to customers all over Southwest Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Mattson has been the first and only Hotsy distributor in this territory (for over 50 years now). Mattson is known in the region for its dedication to bringing our customers Tier 1 manufacturers and products, and providing leading edge maintenance and service support for everything we sell. Mattson provides products to a wide variety of industries including:

Farm & Ranch, Manufacturing, Municipal & Government, Food Processing, Educational, High Technology, Commercial Cleaning Contractors, Logging, Transportation & Auto Dealerships, and many others.

Contact Mattson at:

11711 W. Fairview Ave. – Boise, ID 83713 – (US) 208-375-4510

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