July 5, 2022

Used Equipment

Mattson Distributing refurbishes used cold and hot water pressure washers. We first determine whether the machine is worth restoration by assessing the condition of the chassis and other major components. If we can bring the machine back to life, then we progress with repairing or replacing all components that may have issues. We perform a final test and tune and provide a 90 Day Top To Bottom Warranty. The warranty gives you the confidence that you have some time to shake out any bugs that come up. Unlike purchasing used equipment on-line, you have the assurance that local factory trained technicians have worked on your machine and that you have the full support of the Mattson team. In business since 1957, Mattson stands by all of our equipment, new or used.

Used equipment comes to us either by Trade-In, Rental Turn-Over, Or Lease Return. With any of these we typically are well familiar with the machine, it’s previous owner(s) and it’s service history.

If it is a HOTSY brand machine that you are looking for, you came to the right place. There is a saying out there: “A used Hotsy is better than a new anything else”…and this is true. A Hotsy has the highest trade-in value, the longest average life in field, and the lowest cost of ownership. Below is a running list of the Used Machines that we have come through our shop. Please note that this is a dynamic list with machines going in and out continuously (hard to keep up with). If you see something you like, or you are looking for a machine you don’t see, give us a call 208-375-4510:

This is a 1989 Hotsy Model 550A. This hot water machine is 110V 15AMP 2.2GPM @ 1000PSI. Price on this unit is $1500.00 in great condition!